Beverley Town, Virginia

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Beverley Town was in Henrico County, west of Richmond on Westham Creek near the James River. Jefferson inherited land from his father in this town. According to Jefferson, his father, Peter Jefferson, was instrumental in planning this town.

Primary Source References[1]

1814 December 7. (Jefferson to Thomas Taylor). "...I see an advertisement with your name to it as acting for Mr. Thos. Wilson and offering a place for sale called Westham. Whether by this appellation Beverley town is meant to be included, I do not know, but lest it should I think it a duty to give notice that I own 4. and 5. lots in that assembly,and to which I attach considerable value, notwithstanding it's present disuse."[2]

1814 December 28. (Jefferson to Thomas Taylor). "The town of Beverley was laid off on the 6th of June 1751. under an act of assembly, then recently passed. The original plan of the town, signed by Peter Randolph as Commissioner or Trustee, and by Peter Jefferson (my father) who surveyed, and marked the lots and streets by metes and bounds, was recorded in Henrico court, and the No. of every lot, and name of the purchaser written with the lot. Of this I have a copy..."[3]


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