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  1. Short Title List (13,232 bytes)
    1: ...edia and would like to have a title added to this list, please [[Contact Us|contact us]].
  2. Skipwith Book List (865 bytes)
    1: editorial notes, can be found in [[Short Title List|''PTJ'']], 1:74-75, 76-81.
    5: Skipwith List] (transcription).
  3. Suggested Reading List (23,571 bytes)
    1: This page contains a general list of suggested reading material pertaining to Thoma...
    7: ...erences on specific topics, see "Further Sources" listed in individual articles in this Encyclopedia.

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  1. Martha Wayles Skelton Jefferson (13,311 bytes)
    45: ...rtals are capable of enjoying."<ref>[[Short Title List|''PTJ'']]: 1:84.</ref>
    47: ...tty lady just like her mother."<ref>[[Short Title List|Bear, ''Jefferson at Monticello'']], 5.</ref>
    51: ...ensible and Accomplished Lady."<ref>[[Short Title List|''PTJ'']], 4:174.</ref>
    57: ...hia: Lippencott: 1877), 10, 12, and [[Short Title List|Randolph, ''Domestic Life'']], 43-44.</ref>
    59: ...the department of housewifery."<ref>[[Short Title List|Randall, ''Life'']] 1:63-64.</ref>
  2. John Adams (7,501 bytes)
    25: ... and I think he has integrity."<ref>[[Short Title List|''PTJ'']], 6:241.</ref>
    31: ... had a better heart than head."<ref>[[Short Title List|''Ford'']], 10:414-415.</ref>
    40: ...// "Adams at the MHS."] A listing of important Adams family sources, both online...
  3. Room in which Martha Jefferson died (2,423 bytes)
    3: ...y, got him into his library..."<ref>[[Short Title List| Randall, ''Life'']] 1:382</ref></blockquote>
  4. Anna Scott Jefferson Marks (1,624 bytes)
    11: *[[Short Title List|''PTJ'']]
    12: *[[Short Title List|''PTJ:RS'']]
    13: *[[Short Title List|''MB'']]
  5. John Harvie (1,103 bytes)
    9: *Malone, [[Short Title List|''Jefferson'']], Volume 1.
    10: *[[Short Title List#Q - Z|Woods, ''Albemarle.]]
  6. Francis Wayles Eppes (8,895 bytes)
    31: *Shackelford, [[Short Title List|Descendants]]. "Francis Eppes VII," 1:167-178.
  7. Languages Jefferson Spoke or Read (1,990 bytes)
    3: .... So I could make no enquiry."<ref>[[Short Title List| ''PTJ'',]] 13:13.</ref>
    9: ...he Anglo-Saxon." In addition to the languages he lists, there is some evidence that Jefferson was attem...
    18: *Randall, [[Short Title List|''Life'']], 1:24-25
  8. Jefferson Family Burial Places (1,120 bytes)
    16: *Malone, [[Short Title List|''Jefferson'']], 1:Appendix C, 430-431.
  9. Cost of Monticello (2,137 bytes)
    3: ...ance purposes in 1800 at $6300.<ref>[[Short Title List|''MB'']] 1025.</ref>
    15: *[[Short Title List|''MB'']].
  10. Thomas Jefferson (8,754 bytes)
    34: ...ok is incorrect for Elizabeth. See [[Short Title List|''MB'',]] 1:370-371.</ref>
    40: 15, 1815)<ref>All dates are from [[Short Title List|Wyllie, ''Prayer Book'']], Plate II, except where...
  11. Moldboard Plow (3,274 bytes)
    20: *Betts, [[Short Title List | ''Farm Book'']], 47-64.
    21: *Betts, [[Short Title List | ''Garden Book'']], 649-654.
  12. Vegetarianism (2,346 bytes)
    6: ...n to Dr. Vine Utley, 21 March 1819, [[Short Title List|''L&B'']], 15:187.</ref>
    11: ...ender."<ref name="Randall">Randall, [[Short Title List|''Life'']], 3:675.</ref>
  13. Coffee (2,483 bytes)
    8: ...imary Source References<ref>Please note that this list should not be considered comprehensive.</ref>==
    14: ...irginian breakfast I expected."<ref>[[Short Title List|Smith, First Forty Years]], 69.</ref>
    16: is tea and coffee, bread..."<ref>[[Short Title List|Peterson, Visitors]], 98.</ref>
  14. Jefferson Cups (9,850 bytes)
    4: ...ref>This article is based on Stein, [[Short Title List|''Worlds'']], 333-335.</ref>
    20: ...ear on none of the later inventories (Jefferson's list, "Silver left at Monticello," March 4, 1790, [htt...
    26: ....<ref>Jefferson, April 21, 1806, in [[Short Title List|''MB'']], 2:1178. "Drew orders on the bank U.S. ...
    36: ...ef>Jefferson, February 17, 1787, in [[Short Title List|''MB'']], 1:653. The amount paid for the cup, thi...
    40: ... wine."<ref>Francis Calley Gray, in [[Short Title List|Peterson, ''Visitors'']], 58.</ref> In the 1830's...
  15. System of Nature (2,795 bytes)
    5: ...p:// 1783 Catalog] on p. 77 as:
    10: ...p:// Retirement Library] manuscript on...
    16: ...p:// Leavitt catalog] as:
    24: ...Congress in 1815 and appears in the [[Short Title List|Sowerby]] as entry #1260. This copy, which survi...
    32: ... in English printed in America.<ref>[[Short Title List|Sowerby]], 2:14.</ref></blockquote>
  16. Dumbwaiters (5,213 bytes)
    40: ...s''',"<ref>This article is based on [[Short Title List|Stein, ''Worlds'']], 282-3.</ref> small tiers of ...
    42: ... but not inattentive listeners.<ref>[[Short Title List|Smith, ''First Forty Years'']], 387-88.</ref></bl...
    44: ...his furnishings at his house at Gray's Ferry.<ref>List of furniture on verso of Jefferson's drawing of t...
  17. Category:Books (1,247 bytes)
    8: ...y the Jefferson Library, to compile an integrated list of all titles known to have been owned and/or rea...
    12: Suggested Readings]with book titles arranged by t...
  18. American Indians (17,902 bytes)
    9: European naturalists used the theory of "environmentalism" to argue t...
    11: ...son to Chastellux, June 7, 1785, in [[Short Title List|''PTJ'']], 8:186.</ref> Only their environment ne...
    27: ... the program of gradual "civilization." His Federalists predecessors had begun this program, but it was ...
    44: ...on from John Page. 20 October 1780. [[Short Title List|PTJ]], 4:52-53.</ref>
    58: ...ry 1.''' Osage.<ref>Foster, 22 and [[Short Title List|Smith, First Forty Years]], 200.</ref>
  19. Short Title List (13,232 bytes)
    1: ...edia and would like to have a title added to this list, please [[Contact Us|contact us]].
  20. Jefferson's Religious Beliefs (8,786 bytes)
    2: ...ue during the bitter party conflict between Federalists and Republicans in the late 1790s when Jefferson...
    11: ...than that of blindfolded fear."<ref>[[Short Title List|''PTJ'']], 12:15. [
    13: he never claimed any other."<ref>[[Short Title List|''L&B'']], 10:380.</ref>
    17: ...ated reformer of human errors."<ref>[[Short Title List|''EG'']], 412-3. [
    27: *Sheridan, [[Short Title List| ''Jefferson and Religion.'']] Available for pur...

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