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"contradicting the quotation in question is the following"?

Call me crazy but the paragraphs seem to support each other rather than contradict. They both seem to convey that Jesus' alleged teachings are fine and dandy, yet the surrounding religious constructs have corrupted things.

I agree with above comment. Also, Monticello's Thomas Jefferson Encylopedia is missing the actual source of this misquote, which without question is Thomas Jefferson to Joseph Priestley, 21 March 1801. The relevant part reads:

"Those who live by mystery and charlatanerie, fearing you would render them useless by simplifying the Christian philosophy,—the most sublime and benevolent, but most perverted, system that ever shone on man,—endeavored to crush your well-earned and well-deserved fame." NAP 17:49, 18 October 2008 (EDT)

Thanks to both of you for your comments, and thanks for bringing the true source of this quotation to my attention, NAP. We try our best to find the source of these quotations, but it helps to have the assistance of other careful readers. It looks to me as if the Priestley letter is definitely the source of this quotation - it's a slight paraphrase, and it's taken out of context (as all quotations must by their nature be), but I'd say we can call this one solved now. Thanks again! --ABerkes 15:04, 20 October 2008 (EDT)