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The earliest occurrence of this quote may be from an essay by David S. Jordan appearing in the Advocate of Peace in 1916, p. 43:

"And must a patriotism devote itself to the supposed interests of the State when the State itself is in the wrong? To oppose one's own nation has been in history the highest form of patriotism. It may be such today. Whenever a nation plunges into a great crime, as into a war of aggression, its course is marked by the heroes and martyrs it has overridden in its downward career. Shall we give the name of patriot to those who give their blood to their "country, right or wrong," or to those who have given their lives to set their country right?"
  • Jordan, David Starr. "Patriotism, Nationalism and Peace", Advocate of Peace 73:2 (February 1916) 43-45: American Peace Society, Washington, D.C.
  • Google Books.

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