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A rather convoluted sentence from an address by M.G. Brumbaugh to the National Education Association in Cleveland (June 29-July 3, 1908) may be the original source.

Two individuals can participate in a common cause only to the extent that they possess common sentiment and common knowledge. To increase their effective participation requires a broadening of their common knowledge. To make participation impossible requires only the absence of common knowledge. This holds true throughout. Hence, our democracy depends upon the possession by all its individual participants of a fund of common knowledge, which fund is the currency of democracy; and the function of the public school is to impart such a fund of common knowledge to all that participate in our democracy as to make facile the interchange of ideas and the reciprocal regard of each for the other. The initiation into democracy should always be contingent upon the possession of this common knowledge. For that reason the stranger from without should serve an apprenticeship in the American public school before he is invested with the toga of American citizenship. Likewise any one in our midst, native or foreign born, that has neglected to fit himself for participation in our democracy should be denied what his own neglect prevents him from comprehending. I am well aware that a few do, independent of the school, find agencies of guidance that will fit for participation in democracy, but for the masses the hope of a worthy citizenship, and the hope of our civil institutions alike, rests with universal public education.
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