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It should be noted here, since Woodson oral history was mentioned,that DNA testing has proven that the Woodsons do not descend from a male Jefferson.


The article states that the location of Sally's grave is unknown. I understand that a few years ago US News & World Report researched the location and believe that Sally's grave is likely under the lower guest parking lot of the Hampton Inn built on Main St. in Charlottesville, VA. There had been a small "colored" graveyard there just north of a housing settlement of Negroes, where it was likely that Sally lived with her sons Madison and Eston until her death in 1835. IS THERE ANY WAY that citizens can start a movement to retrieve Sally's bones from that location and place them in their rightful location in the grave yard next to her love of 38 years, President Thomas Jefferson, where they had lived together at Monticello?

Merry Wyatt