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One way to find articles in the Thomas Jefferson Wiki is to use the search box, which will appear in the upper left corner of any page you happen to be on. (The other way is browsing.)

What is searched?

When you type a word into the search box and click Go, the system will do a broad keyword search. This means that it will search the entire text of all articles. Be sure to take this into account when considering how to search for what you want. For example, typing in the word "jefferson" will be a very ineffective way to search, and will likely be very frustrating to you. The word "jefferson" appears hundreds of times throughout the wiki, and probably in almost every article. So, be sure to pick as unique a word or phrase as possible, and be sure that it accurately describes what you want to find.

Also keep in mind that, unless you specify otherwise, your keywords will only be searched in articles. If that keyword or phrase happens to appear in any of the Discussion pages, Category pages, or other special namespaces, it will not be found! There are two ways you can change this:

  1. After you perform a search, you can scroll to the bottom of your results page and check all the boxes next to the other areas of the wiki you would like to include in your search.
  2. You can click on "My preferences" in the upper right corner of the screen (after you've logged in). Then click on Search in your user preferences menu, and check all the areas that you would like to include in your search.

Option 1 will only affect the search you are currently running. Option 2 will ensure that, whenever you are logged in, you are searching the areas you have selected.

Searching for Phrases

You can search for an exact string of words by enclosing them in quotation marks. This will help narrow your search.