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The "Discussion" section of each article is a key feature of the Thomas Jefferson Encyclopedia. This is where users may interact with each other and exchange comments and ideas. If you have a question about an article or the Thomas Jefferson Encyclopedia, please see the Contact Us page. If you leave a question in a Discussion area, there is no guarantee that it will reach anyone.

If you would like to comment on an article, simply click on Discussion in the upper right corner. If there are already comments in the Discussion area, you will then need to click Edit in the upper right corner to add to the discussion; if you are the first "commenter," you will immediately see an editing box where you may type your comments in.

If you are responding to a previous comment, be sure to insert your comment directly below the comment you are responding to; you may use the colon symbol to indent your comment. If you are not responding to another comment, put your comment at the bottom.

One last thing: before you begin discussing articles, we ask that you review and abide by our guidelines.

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