Anthony Mullins

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Anthony Mullins (Antonio Molini) accompanied Philip Mazzei when he immigrated from Italy to Virginia in 1773, and so far as is known, remained in Virginia for the next several decades.

Mullins enlisted in the Continental Army in 1777 and served until the end of the war in 1783.[1] He returned immediately thereafter to Albemarle County, where he was married in November 1784 to Polly Clark.[2] In 1790, he bought a 150-acre parcel of land[3] from Peter DeRieux, (Philip Mazzei's son-in-law); he sold this same tract to James Monroe 12 years later for £100, and it became part of Monroe's Ash Lawn-Highland estate.[4] In 1799, Thomas Jefferson wrote that Mullins was doing "tolerably well" to an Italian friend.[5] Mullins later makes a brief appearance in Jefferson's account books, having sold Jefferson some grain. Jefferson wrote to his overseer, Edmund Bacon, "...I am persuaded that wheat will be to be got at the present price of corn. Mr. Higginbotham wrote me last month that mr A. Mullins between Monticello and Blenheim had 70. barrels to sell at 10/. you might purchase this if to be had at 2. & 3. months credit..."[6] A notation later appeared in Jefferson's accounts, "Pd. E. Bacon for Higginbotham on acct. of Mullins 110 D. / do. for Mullins 5.75".[7]

Presumably Mullins' first wife Polly passed away at some point during those years, because a second marriage, this time to a Sally Reynolds, is recorded in Albemarle County records for 18 January 1809.[8] The number and names of most of his children are not known, but Mullins appears in the 1810 Census in Albemarle County with 4 white males under 10 years of age, 1 male and 2 females between the ages of 10 and 15, 1 male and 1 female between the ages of 16 and 25, and 1 slave.[9]