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Dimensions: 18' 7"x 13' 5"; ceiling 18' 8"

Order: Ionic

Source: Temple of Fortuna Virilis from Palladio; frieze from Desgodetz, Les Édifices Antiques de Rome

Color: There is evidence that the room was wallpapered; today painted oyster white

Purpose of Room: Bedroom

Architectural Features: Alcove bed, open on both sides, joins the Bedroom with Jefferson's Cabinet, or office -- a hinged, double-door screen (not shown today) separated the two rooms when shut; a privy was located near one end of the bed, an early example of indoor bathroom facilities in America; the room features one of the house's thirteen skylights; closet over the bed utilized space efficiently and was accessible via ladder.

Furnishings of Note: Alcove bed appears small but is 6' 3" in length and the width of a double bed; clothes "horse" in closet (not shown in the house today -- a conjectural drawing is shown in the "Jefferson" section); obelisk clock at foot of bed enabled Jefferson to get out of bed "with the sun"; crimson silk counterpane with fringe (designed by Jefferson) covered the bed; mirrors were used to maximize the natural light.