Bedford Springs, Pennsylvania

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In the summer of 1819, a few newspapers on the east coast of the United States reported that Thomas Jefferson was staying in Bedford Springs, Pennsylvania, for about two months. These newspapers include:

July 28, 1819

   The New-York Columbian - New York, New York

July 29, 1819

   Baltimore Patriot - Baltimore, Maryland

July 30, 1819

   The Alexandria Herald - Alexandria, Virginia
   National Messenger - Georgetown, Washington D.C.

August 3, 1819

   Boston Patriot & Daily Mercantile Advertiser - Boston, Massachusetts
   Salem Gazette - Salem, Massachusetts

August 4, 1819

   American Watchman - Wilmington, Delaware

August 5, 1819

   American Beacon and Norfolk & Norfolk Daily Advertiser - Norfolk, Virginia

August 7, 1819

   City Gazette and Daily Advertiser - Charleston, South Carolina

August 10, 1819

   The Juniata Gazette - Lewistown, Pennsylvania
   The Genius of Liberty - Leesburg, Virginia
   Eastern Argus - Portland, Maine

Most of these articles tended to use similar wording and many were copied directly. An example of one of the articles is noted here:

"The author of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson, is now at Bedford (Pa.) Springs, where we understand he intends to remain two months." (Baltimore Patriot : 29 July 1819)