Benjamin Waterhouse

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No article yet exists on this topic. Below are primary source references to and by Benjamin Waterhouse, compiled by Monticello researchers.

Primary Source References[1]

1800 December 1. (Benjamin Waterhouse to Jefferson). "Having long regarded Mr. Jefferson as one of our most distinguished patriots & philosophers, I conceived that a work which had for it's end the good of the community,, would not be unexceptable to him.- Under that impression I have here sent him 'A prospect of Exterminating the small-pox'..."[2]

1800 December 25. (Jefferson to Benjamin Waterhouse). "I received last night, and read with great satisfaction your pamphlet on the subject of the kine-pox...I had before attended to your publications on the subject in the newspapers, and too much interest in the result of the experiments you were making..."[3]

1801 July 16. (Jefferson to Martha Jefferson Randolph). "I this day inclose to Dr. Wardlaw some publications on the kine pox, with a request to make himself acquainted with them...I am promised by Dr. Waterhouse of Boston successive weekly supplies till it takes."[4]


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