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Dimensions: 18'6" x 11' 10"; ceiling 10' 0"

Order: Tuscan

Source: Palladio

Color: There is some evidence that the room was originally wallpapered; today painted oyster white.

Purpose of Room: Office for reading, writing, architectural drafting, and scientific observation

Unusual architectural features: Part of a "suite" of Jefferson's private rooms, along with the Book Room, Greenhouse, and Bedroom; adjoins Jefferson's Bedroom via a passage and an alcove bed open on both sides; plan based on an octagon, a favored architectural shape for Jefferson

Furnishings of note: Reading and writing arrangement, which included a revolving chair, a table with a revolving top, a revolving bookstand made in the Monticello joinery, and a copying machine. The room also held a vast collection of scientific instruments, such as an orrery, microscope, and telescope.

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