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Documentary References[1]

1774. "A seine for my fishing place below the old dam should be 30. fathom long & 10. f. deep in the widest part. Will take 50 lb. twine @ 10d sterl. pr. lb. The knitting is 20d currcy. pr. lb."[2]

1776 August 23. "Pd. for fishing tackle 20/6."[3]

1776 August 24. "Pd. dinner at falls of Schuylkill 10/."[4] The Falls of the Schuylkill River, a popular site for a day's outing five miles above Philadelphia, were submerged by the building of the Fairmount Dam in 1821. Jefferson evidently took advantage of the excellent fishing at the Falls.[5]

1777 April 22. "Pd. for fishing reed 1/."[6]

1777 May 27. "Pd. B. Calvert for fishing rods 2/."[7]

1780 July 4. "Pd. for fish hooks 36/."[8]