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Martha Jefferson Carr (1746-1811) was Thomas Jefferson's younger sister. She married Jefferson's close friend, Dabney Carr, on July 20, 1765. Carr died in 1773, so Martha was often found at Monticello with her six children.

Primary Source References[1]

1792 December 15. (Martha Jefferson Carr to Jefferson). "You wrote me some time ago that you could discharge any pressing debts for me my haveing a Daughter Married and to fix off to Kentucky after which it is hardly probable that I shall ever see her again has put me to some unusual expence this together with my bad management...If you could let me have Seventy five or Eighty Pounds you would do me a great favor...The pure air of Monticello has proved in my case so efficacious that I have not had a return of my fever since my return..."[2]

1793 October 19. (Jefferson to Martha Jefferson Carr). "I satisfied Mr. Myears on the subject of your order. Mr. Eppes who has the management of a very large execution for Mr. Wayles's executors has given me hopes that I shall be able soon to furnish what the present state of your family might find convenient. I rejoice to hear you are likely to become our neighbor..."[3]


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