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Matthew Maury[1] was a Episcopal minister and the son of Jefferson's teacher, James Maury. Upon his father's death, Matthew succeeded him as head of the Fredericksville parish church, and as a schoolteacher. He married Elizabeth Walker and had nine children.

Maury was a friend of Jefferson's since childhood. As early as 1769, when Maury left for London to seek ordination, Jefferson gave him a list of books and three Portugese half Johannes, two gold German ducats, and a silver coffeepot, weighing twenty-two ounces. He officiated the wedding of Jefferson's daughter Martha to Thomas Mann Randolph in 1790, and taught Jefferson's nephew Dabney Carr (1773-1837).

Primary Source References[2]

1782 June 29. "Subscribed 500 lb. tobo. or L5 to Mr. M. Maury annually to preach at Charlsvlle."[3]

1790 January 11. "Sent by do. to Mr. Maury L6-5 for his first quarter."[4]

1790 February 23. "Pd. Mr. Maury marriage fee L4-16."[5]

1792 November 4. "Inclosed Revd. Matthew Maury do. on do. 166.67."[6]

1795 May 4. "Pd. Revd. M. Maury on account of my subscription for 1793."[7]

1797 December 5. "Left with Mr. Davidson for Mr. Maury..."[8]

1799 April 1. "Pd. Mr. Maury last year's subscription 15.D."[9]

1800 November 24. "Drew ord. on D. Higginbotham in favr. Revd. M. Maury for 15.D. last year's subscription."[10]

1802 April 16. (Martha Jefferson Randolph to Jefferson). "Jefferson is reading latin wit his Papa but I am seriously uneasy at his not going to school. Mr. Murray with whom we proposed putting him has his number complete and will not I fear take another."[11]

1804 April 25. "Inclosed to Mr. Maury 16.D. for attendance at funeral."[12]

Jefferson-Maury Correspondence[13]


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