North Octagonal Room

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==Objects Displayed in This Room== ==Objects Displayed in This Room==
 +*[[View from Monticello Looking Toward Charlottesville (Painting)]]
*[[View of the West Front of Monticello and Garden (Painting)]] *[[View of the West Front of Monticello and Garden (Painting)]]
[[Category:Monticello (House)]] [[Category:Monticello (House)]]

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Dimensions: 14' 10"x 15' 3"; ceiling 10' 0"

Order: Tuscan

Source: Palladio

Color: French wallpaper -- the original trellis pattern has been reproduced. Jefferson purchased wallpaper for other rooms, but researchers have not yet found enough evidence to reproduce it.

Purpose of Room: Bedroom and possibly a sitting room, used frequently by James and Dolley Madison.

Architectural features: Alcove bed with a closet overhead; based on one of Jefferson's favorite architectural shapes, the octagon; one closet is shaped as a triangle to complete the octagon; triple-sash windows (windows.qt), used in many rooms on the first floor, served both as a doorway and a ventilation device; interior shutters are used throughout the first floor for privacy and insulation.

Objects Displayed in This Room