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The attribution of George Farrar as the husband of Judith Jefferson is wrong. The source for this error is a book, "Some Farrar Island Descendants" by Alvanh Holmes, it is not a reliable source. The book has some serious errors, because it was constructed in response to input and arguments by personages who had personal agenda's to join organizations such as Colonial Dames, First Families of Virginia.

Mrs Holmes based much of her work on the early Virginia Colony on the more reliable and academic and dispassionate Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, however when it came to creating genealogies, she obviously succumbed to influences from others. Her work is invaluable but it is not without error, and it is only a starting point, not an authoritative source.

According to the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, page 323 Volume IX, 1901 the husband of Judith Jefferson was William Farrar 4, I quote: "This reference as to the facts stated is entirely competent, and as William 4 Farrar was the only one who owned Farrar's island at the period referred to, there can be no doubt that he was the husband of Judith Jefferson".


I strongly caution against using Alvanh Holmes as an authoritative reference. Interesting yes, Useful yes, a starting point yes, but fraught with errors, and heavily influenced by political and personal needs and agenda's, not just hers but others seeking to join organizations and establish a pedigree.