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Since its establishment in 1923, the Thomas Jefferson Foundation, Inc. has amassed a unique wealth of original research and expertise relating to Thomas Jefferson’s life, times, and legacy. The Thomas Jefferson Encyclopedia serves as a centralized, accessible repository for the collective knowledge of the Thomas Jefferson Foundation staff and makes it available to outside scholars and the general public to create an authoritative online resource.

The Thomas Jefferson Encyclopedia is maintained primarily by the staff of the Jefferson Library, but contains content contributed by staff from many different departments of the Thomas Jefferson Foundation. For more information about the Thomas Jefferson Foundation, see our main website.

About the Articles

Many of the articles in the Thomas Jefferson Encyclopedia are from the following sources:

  • Monticello Newsletter articles
  • Monticello "Keepsakes" (short scholarly articles written by Monticello staff and distributed at our Board of Trustees dinners between 1958 and 2003)
  • Other portions of the Monticello website, including the Explorer, Twinleaf, and Getting Word.
  • Unpublished research reports and documentary reference compilations from our research files

A smaller portion of articles have been created by library staff in response to reference questions (e.g. most of the Spurious Quotations and Frequently Asked Questions, etc.). The editors have made every effort to ensure that the information in the Encyclopedia is accurate so far as we know.

How to Contact Us

  • If you have a comment regarding a particular article, we encourage you to post your comment in the article's Discussion area. For more information on how to do this, see the Discussion portion of our tutorial. When communicating with other TJE users, we also ask that you abide by our guidelines.
  • If you would like to ask us a question that has not already been addressed on the Thomas Jefferson Encyclopedia, you may use our online form.